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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the 'AngelSewing' Online Shop

1. General terms and conditions

All shipments, services and other offerings of AngelSewing are based exclusively on these terms and conditions (subsequently called 'Terms'), even if they are not explicitely stated. Any ordering of merchandise or services implicitly contains acceptance of these Terms.
Any modifications of these Terms are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing.

2. Offering and conclusion of contract

  1. All offered products and services of AngelSewing are nonbinding and subject to change without notice.
  2. If a customer exceeds his credit limit with an order, AngelSewing is released from any delivery obligation.
  3. AngelSewing remains the right to decline online orders at its own judgement.

3. Prices

  1. All prices are stated without any value added taxes that might be applicable. The prices don't include delivery cost and taxes that may apply to shipments outside of Switzerland.
  2. AngelSewing may not be held responsible for typos and other errors in description and pricing of its products and services in the online shop.

4. Shipment and delivery

  1. AngelSewing will usually ship ordered goods within a working week. Times of delivery are given, however, without binding commitment on our part and delays in delivery don't justify any right for claims for indemnity or order cancellation.
  2. AngelSewing delivers its products to all countries of the European Union, Switzerland and North America. Shipments to other countries may be negotiated on request.
  3. All shipments are delivered with 'Schweizerische Post' (Swiss postal service). All actual shipping costs will be charged to customers.
  4. No additional shipping cost will be charged for late deliveries in the case of partial deliveries.
  5. Complaints about damages, incorrect quantities, loss or inappropriate packing must be forwarded to AngelSewing immediately upon receipt of a shipment.
quantity patterns shipping Switzerland shipping EU shipping USA
1 2,50 5,40 6,80
2 2,50 9,00 10,00
3 4,50 9,00 10,00
4 4,50 11,00 15,50
5 4,50 11,00 15,50

5. Method of payment and reservation of proprietary rights

  1. Payments are only accepted as advance payment or with Paypal.
  2. For bank transfers from abroad, the transfer charges my be shared between the customer and AngelSewing. Imposing the entire transaction charges on AngelSewing, however, is denied.
  3. All goods remain the property of AngelSewing until full compensation for the ordered goods - including any additional charges that my apply - has been received by AngelSewing.

6. Right of return and liability of defects

  1. AngelSewing offers a right of return for 14 days on unused goods in their original packing. Products that may easily reproduced (e.g. printed design patterns), products that have been made to order as well as products that are offered as downloadable files are exempted from any right of return.
  2. All shipment charges for returned goods must be paid by the customer.
  3. The liability of defects is governed by applicable law.

7. Privacy

  1. AngelSewing remains the right to process any data received from its customers as part of the business relationship according to Swiss data protection regulations.
  2. All customer related data is kept strictly confidential and won't be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.
  3. AngelSewing offers an electronic newsletter to distribute news and other information about its products and services to customers. Distribution of this newsletter is restricted to customers that have explicitly subscribed to this service. A recipient may cancel his subscription at any time.
  4. Pictures provided by customers are published by AngelSewing only with the authors prior consent. The author remains the right to revoke this authorization at any time.
  5. The AngelSewing online ship offers its users various possibilities for interaction, for example rating of products or the qualification of products with catchwords. AngelSewing remains the right to deny or delete any contributions by users if they contradict AngelSewings ethical policies or if they have no relation to the described products or services.
  6. In case of any attempt by third parties to manipulate the data in the AngelSewing online shop, AngelSewing remains the right to restrict or deny access to the online store without further notice.

8. Terms of use / copyright

  1. Design patterns - be it in printed or electronic form (e-book) - may not be copied or replicated in any way. Individual crafted pieces (up to five items per pattern) may be sold, but any commercial use of AngelSewing patterns exceeding the aforementioned quantities is prohibited.
  2. Embroidery designs may be applied to self produced pieces without restrictions. Individual embroideries (up to five items per design) may be sold, but any commercial use of AngelSewing embroidery designs exceeding the aforementioned quantities is prohibited.
  3. Products that are sold in electronic form (e.g. design patterns as e-books and embroidery designs) may not be sold or exchanged, nor may digital copies be made available to third parties. The forwarding of digitally modified products in electronic form is prohibited.
  4. The copyright of all products in the AngelSewing online shop remains with the respective authors. If not otherwise stated, the copyright owner is AngelSewing® by Angela Schär-Stieger.
  5. In case of any violation against these terms of use, AngelSewing remains the right to take legal action to secure its intellectual property rights.

9. Court of jurisdiction and applicable law

  1. The exclusive court of jurisdiction is Oftringen (Switzerland).
  2. Any business relation with AngelSewing is governed exclusively by Swiss law and regulations.

10. Final clause

Should one or several paragraphs in these Terms partially or entirely be legally void or lose its legal effect, this won't affect the legal effect of all other terms and conditions.


CH-Oftringen (Switzerland),
May 30, 2010

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